Distributed Warehousing

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Limitless Opportunities

The old way is not necessarily the best way to get things done. The only way to keep moving forward is to constantly question the existing processes and never to settle for anything less than perfect.

Honair has taken it upon itself to reinvent the order fulfillment wheel. We have taken the old standards and discarded them for good. Instead, we have introduced an innovative approach that is now revolutionizing the order fulfillment industry.

Imagine – instead of having your inventory sitting in a handful of facilities, it is located at numerous facilities all over the country. This approach places your inventory in a position where it can be shipped from a location close to your customer, which greatly reduces shipping time, cost and delivery time. Your customers will be happy to receive their order faster and you stand a chance to get re-order. Everyone wins!

Distributed Warehousing

Personal Attention

E-commerce has become one of the most competitive industries in the world today. Bars are always being raised and companies are constantly racing each other to stay ahead of the curve. Consumers’ demands are high and their expectations are higher. It is critical for online retailers to stay informed and know what their customers need before the customers even know that themselves. Businesses also need to have a contingency plan to support themselves in any situation.

From the time a customer places his order, the jig is up to quickly and accurately fill the order, process it, and get it out of the customer’s door without the slightest of delays.

There is no better way to achieve all these tasks and meet all these challenges than to partner up with Honair.

When the order is placed the first thing that happens behind the scenes is AI detects the closest warehouse. The order is then assigned to that warehouse where it will be processed and shipped out to customers at lightning speed.

We have several dozen distribution warehouses. This puts your products in the prime location for streamlined delivery to just about any location in the country. The number and location of these facilities allow us to deliver faster and more accurately than anyone else.

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No matter whether we are processing one order for you or a hundred, each order is processed with the utmost care and attention to detail. If you have a special request, let us know. We relish the opportunity to show our customers just how much we can do and how well we do it.

Our distributed warehouses are probably not at all what you’d picture a traditional warehouse to be. They are clean, organized state of the art facility with plenty of technology to provide both security and efficiency.

The distributed warehouse specialists will personally receive your deliveries when they arrive. They will even inspect them for any issues or damage right away and photograph them, so you can inspect the items yourself from your online portal. If any issues are identified, you will notify us on how you would like it handled and the distributed warehouse specialists will take care of everything.

While we may make the order fulfillment process sound simple, it is a complex process with a number of moving parts and a multitude of factors. We rely heavily on our expert staff and get some insightful data and direction from our integrated AI system. We re-enforce our specialists with technology and vice versa.

Artificial Intelligence to Aid Decision Making

There is so much data and so many parameters – it’s impossible to figure out the correlation of one event to another. That’s when Big Data and Artificial Intelligence come into play. Our AI network can integrate, manage, and automate flow of product throughout the entire order fulfillment process. It can process a magnitude of data and help establish clear correlation, so you can make an informed decision faster and with more confidence.

The AI also oversees inventory management. It quickly identifies low stock levels and suggests potential orders that need to be placed based on demand forecast. The customer is notified of all such suggestions. The AI can be configured to place automatic orders and more but most of our clients feel more comfortable having AI in an advisory role.

Our customers decide how their orders are handled and processed. You can establish advanced protocols with us, so we know exactly how you want us to take care of your orders if certain conditions are met. If you have a special order that requires special handling or just need to change something, it is never a problem as long as we have not fulfilled the order itself. We are always happy to accommodate special needs.

What our AI alone can do in a week, a human team cannot accomplish in months. Overseeing processes, making recommendations, forecasting sales, tracking orders and incoming deliveries, creating reports and so much more. It not only saves our staff’s time, but yours as well. The AI efficiency allows you to spend your time on tasks that matter most.

Here’s a list of things AI can assist you with your business operation.

Process analysis
Process monitoring
Database design and interface integration
Database design and integration
Develop in-house software
Analytical reporting and decision
Remote monitoring and technical support
Technical support
Aid in project management
Project management
Process improvement
Programmable logic controllers
Help gauge efficiency of IT infrastructure
Strategic planning
Asist with strategic planning
Logistics design
Provide analytics insight
Material handling technology (storing and sorting)
Logistics design
Designing and developing software
Decision support system
And more
Programmable logic controllers

If you think this is an impressive list, you’ll be surprised to explore how much more AI can accomplish!

Innovative approach and cutting-edge technology set us apart from what everyone else is doing. Let the other guys keep doing the same old thing when it comes to order fulfillment. It only helps pull us ahead over and over again.

Our innovation and creative thinking are what has made us the success story that we are today, and we have no intention of deviating from this practice. The satisfaction and success of our customers is what keeps us going day in, day out. We want to continue that trend as long as we remain in this business.

Satisfaction is Survival

Honair has the reputation and the resources to make certain assurances and guarantees to our customers are kept. If we cannot deliver on our promises, we have no business dealing with valuable inventory and order fulfillment for other businesses.

We don’t make promises that we cannot keep. Call us now to learn more about our services and start saving money!

Shared Inventory Stock

Our Shared Inventory Stock Program makes it possible to overcome any logistic limitation that’d prevent you from sending/dispatching inventory to a certain geographic location.

Here are some of the perks available under the Shared Inventory Stock Program:


Your customer will receive their order within 24 hours regardless of where they live


Any product can be held in the Shared Inventory Stock as long as they do not have a shelf life or expiration date (non-perishable only)


The program only allows brand new items in their original packaging to ensure your customers are completely satisfied


Each product is carefully and personally inspected by the distributed warehouse staff before fulfilling the order


You can approve or reject the selected products for fulfillment. You will be sent pictures of the items to approve

Once you sign up for the program, you will send the appropriate inventory that you would like to participate in the Shared Inventory Stock. All merchandise submitted to the program must have an affiliated purchasing documentation such as checks, invoices, receipts etc.

Our AI algorithms will choose the closest facility to fulfill the order which guarantees the lowest cost and transit time for you and your customer.

When you sell products that are accepted in the shared inventory stock, you tell us your client’s location. Then we will hand-pick an identical item at the assigned distributed warehouse. Most likely we have a facility located just a few hours from your customer’s location.

Orders processed through the Shared Inventory Stock program, will receive identical attention, care and go through the same processes as regular orders. The pictures and the tracking information will also be uploaded in the CRM.

It’s easy to participate in the Shared Inventory Stock program! Contact us via phone, chat, or email to start the process.

* Not all items and brands are accepted into the Shared Inventory Stock program in order to ensure quality and positive experience for all Honair customers. Honair reserves the right to deny participation in this program at its discretion.

How it Works

Fulfillment That Checks all the Boxes


Tell us what items need fulfilling


AI selects a warehouse(s) best suited to process the order


AI suggest optimal inventory level for your stock


Shipping labels are generated


Item is shipped to the selected warehouse from the distributed warehouse network


Item is received and processed by the warehouse


AI recommends the best shipping method


The package is shipped and the order is fulfilled

Did you know…

Our approach to order fulfillment is ahead of our time. We rely heavily on technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to help our customers predict trends, manage inventory and monitor KPIs. Our distributed warehouses place inventory in the closest possible locations to your customers for incredibly fast deliveries and order fulfillment.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Got a question that you need answered now? Having issues with a certain order? Our customer service team is available around the clock to resolve your issues and answer your question. You can get hold of our customer service team by phone, email, or create a support ticket (support ticket option is only available to current customers with an active plan).

(800) 730-5336

* Only customers with a valid subscription can create a ticket in our system.