Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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Honair utilizes a cloud-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to assist customers in solving complex problems. EDI is the most efficient way for our customers to get hold of us and troubleshoot issues and/or make changes to the processes in real-time.

EDI allows you to have control over all aspects of your business and puts you on the same level as the biggest names in the industry.

EDI enables you to send shipping notifications, purchase orders, and invoices to your trade partners, among many more. The system has a certain degree of autonomy meaning the order intake and fulfillment steps are integrated and flow effortlessly. Commerce EDI can eliminate the need for manual intervention for many scenarios.


Order fulfillment inherently is a time-consuming process that demands lots of upfront investment and resources. Hiring staff, procuring storage facilities, ongoing maintenance and obtaining other resources like equipment and software can become quite costly. If you had unlimited resources (and money), you could design your own programs and software but for most small or mid-size businesses that’s not even an option. Our EDI solution offers world-class features and is very customizable. You can have all the bells and whistles that retail giants have but for much less jingle.


Our Commerce EDI gives customers the ability to stay in constant touch with their vendors, and suppliers. Most of our customers find EDI to be the only tool they need to communicate effectively with their associates both internal and external. Commerce EDI is also flexible, allowing seamless integration with new retail partners making this an ideal choice for a growing business that demands scalability.

ERP and CRP Integration

Our cloud-based EDI seamlessly integrates with all major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Commerce EDI helps you get more done in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Elevate your business to the next level with cutting-edge technology
  • Harness the power of AI and Machine Learning to better manage inventory and increase profit margin
  • Seamlessly transfer, load, balance products between vendors
  • Add new vendors and suppliers to your existing network effortlessly
  • Quickly and easily add products to your catalog
  • Audit compliance for all suppliers from one centralized location
  • Monitor KPIs for suppliers and share the findings with suppliers/vendors to improve processes

Did you know…

EDI allows for a lot of freedom and access to information. Our cloud-based EDI means customers have easy access to data and can review the insights that the AI system has come up with to increase their business and satisfy their customers. It makes KPI monitoring incredibly flawless and allows for new vendor integration to be a breeze.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Got a question that you need answered now? Having issues with a certain order? Our customer service team is available around the clock to resolve your issues and answer your question. You can get hold of our customer service team by phone, email, or create a support ticket (support ticket option is only available to current customers with an active plan).

(800) 730-5336

* Only customers with a valid subscription can create a ticket in our system.